This Atkins diet website is not like any other website dedicated to the ever-popular Atkins diet. If you have ever tried your hand at a low carb high protein and moderate-fat diet, make no mistake about it, the diet that you’re on is just a derivative or modified version of the original Atkins diet. This diet has developed a worldwide following due to one reason: It works. It really does. There is no shortage of the latest diet fads and crazes that promise all sorts of hyped and exaggerated results.

The reason why the Atkins diet continues to be popular to this very day is the fact that it never fails to produce great results for decades after its introduction. There is no stopping it; as long as you follow its rules, you can lose all those pesky extra pounds and unnecessary fat in a tasty way. You don’t have to punish yourself, by eating unpleasant food. You don’t have to reduce yourself to drinking only certain types of protein shakes. You can kiss that entire inconvenience goodbye.

You can essentially eat the very best filling and satisfying food and still lose weight. What’s not to love? A lot of people are under the impression that the Paleo diet is essentially just a modified version of the Atkins diet; well, not quite. The Atkins diet is critically a low carb, high protein and moderate-fat diet. In a sense, it has quite a bit of an overlap with both the Keto and Paleo diet. The big difference is emphasis. A lot of people swear by this diet because they feel that it’s workable.

Unlike the Keto diet that pretty much forces you to drink a lot of oil, fat and relatively a small amount of protein every single day. The Atkins diet ensures that your body gets the necessary protein building blocks it needs for optimal tissue health. As far as Paleo is concerned, it tends to have so many variations, that you can end up taking in more carbohydrates than you need to.

By focusing on a high protein emphasis, many successful Atkins alumni developed a well-defined muscle mass with very little fat. It really all boils down to how consistent you are in picking among your different food choices, to stick to this formula, – low carbs, high protein and moderate-fat.

So, if you are looking for the latest and greatest information on how a low carb, high protein and moderate-fat diet can help you achieve greater weight loss results, this is the place. Feel free to share your resources and help us update the information here or also if there are any inaccuracies do let us know.

Did you know that, for the most part, your diet success turns on your mindset? That’s right. By and large, it’s not really the kind of food you put in your mouth, but how you think about eating; because if you conquer your mental roadblocks to weight loss, everything else becomes easy. You will be able to stick to a diet consistently and focus on eating the right food for an enough period of time to achieve great success.

This website offers you the latest and greatest tips involving this diet. Almost like any other hot diets, as the years go by, and as we hear success stories from people, we get exposed to a series of best practices; and just like with most other diets on the market, the Atkins diet is a work in progress.

There are many distinct modifications out there and different sets of circumstances that people go through because of dieting and their experiences can be quite instructive to people who share the same situation. This website serves as the global repository of everything and anything related to the Atkins diet.

These diet references are ranged from personal testimonials and experimentation, to scientific literature released by both local and international research institutions. Whatever the case may be; you can bet that if you are looking for any kind of supplemental data and other information that would enable you to take your Atkins diet success to the next level, this is the place to search.

If you know of any other references, feel free to share them here. We also offer a community question-and-answer system. If you have just started on Atkins, you probably have a lot of questions. This is definitely the warm welcoming and open place to ask those questions. Remember, the only stupid question is the one that isn’t asked.

Our overarching ambition is to be the number one repository of all data-related studies, personal experiences, testimonials and all sorts of other resources, involving the Atkins diet; regardless of where in the world you’re coming from, this is the place to hang out and become fully informed about your diet of choice.

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